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Individual Team Training

A Team That Trains Together Grows Together.

Team chemistry. It's a concept that has been debated since the dawn of sports. Simply put, great teams have great chemistry. HDC's team training program provides the perfect opportunity for teams to build chemistry through interactive competitions.

During a team training session, players go through a progressive circuit-style regimen, providing a comprehensive training in a competitive team environment. Team training sessions are available for Mini-mites, mites, squirts, peewees, bantams, midgets, U18-AAA, High School and Juniors.

Our sessions are specifically designed to enhance hockey skills in an environment that is fun but challenging. Our progressive drills are based on NHL experience and allow players of all ages and abilities to train at their maximum level. 

At HDCs, skills training goes beyond off-ice and on-ice training. Every athlete that trains at our facility receives a swipe card that records their performance data at various points at our facility and during our on-ice programs. This data is uploaded to, an innovative online platform allowing players, parents and coaches to track the progress of a player's development. No more bias. Our patent-pending technology provides accurate measurements of a player's skill level and development. 

Team Training Session Breakdown 

Training session are broken down into three blocks, and focuses on all aspects of skill development, including skating stride, stick handling, vision, strength and first-step speed.
» Block 1: Is dedicated to analyzing, developing and refining each players’ skating form, technique, strength-of-stride and their stride recovery phase while focusing on the development of stick handling skills and “split-vision” technique
» Block 2: Focuses on the creation of explosive skating speed and skating techniques where players can truly gain an advantage over their competition

Block 3: Training broken into three categories. During this training block, we refine and strengthen a player's goal scoring ability, shooting power, vision and accuracy, and puckhandling skills under game-type scenarios requiring grace under pressure

Team Training Programs Options:

1.» On and Off Ice Combined Training Sessions
2.» On-Ice Only Training Sessions
3.» Off-Ice Only Training Sessions
4.» Testing sessions that track the progress of your team at the beginning and end of the program. This program provides measurement of skills development and highlights your team's strengths and weaknesses.
5.» In-house “chalk talk” and strategy session
6.» Game video analysis*



Team provides VHS tape or DVD recording of the game to be analyzed.


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