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Recreational In-Season Hockey Program

Recreational Hockey Program



The xHPTF Recreational Hockey Program is designed to allow non-traveling hockey players at the Squirt/U10 or Peewee/U12 age (9-13 years/ 4th-6th grade) to participate in a developmental ice hockey program with reasonable time commitments and affordable cost.


There are very few in-house or recreational hockey choices for players above the Squirt/U10/Peewee/U12 level (age 9 and above) in youth hockey associations. Players of this age (or above) can only choose to play traveling based hockey which usually requires a significant time and financial commitment.Traveling hockey programs require players to attend practices and games up to 4 times per week for a 4 to 5 month period, and in some areas pay in excess of $1600 for the season. In addition, parents must also fund travel expenses for out-of-town games and tournaments. The result of this travel-only option leads to many players leaving the game after mites or never attempting to start playing hockey at a very young age (9 or above). The primary reasons for this are:

  • Tryout processes for traveling hockey programs can be very intimidating and stressful for new or lesser skilled players who are placed on the ice against very skilled players.

  • Cost is excessive for recreational players or new players who want to try the game of hockey for the first time or just play recreationally.

  • Schedules are demanding and make participation in other sports or activities difficult.

  • Scheduled practice hours can be inconsistent and often late for younger players due to limited ice availability.

  • Parents of children at ages 9 and above who want to try out hockey for the first time at feel their children are “too old” to get started because they are too far behind the other players.

The xHPTF Recreational Hockey program is designed to give players a chance to play hockey in a fun, positive, and skill building environment. The program is designed to allow players of all abilities to participate and advance at their own pace. Players will receive professional and organized instruction, a consistent schedule, and have fun regardless of skill level.


The xHPTF Rec program will have a total of four teams. We will have two skill levels: Advanced and Novice. There will be 2 equal skill-balanced teams in the Advanced level and 2 equal skill-balanced teams in the Novice level. Each week will consist of a 1 hour off-ice skill development session and a 1 hour on-ice training session or game.

The season will run from November 2019 through February 2020 (14-16 weeks). Each player will receive 28 total hours of hockey skill development, instruction, and games.

Basic skill evaluations and team placement will be completed at the first session in November to build balanced divisions and teams. The program is about development and fun using our instructional methods and equipment in our facility to help these players enjoy the game and continue playing as they get older. We believe a good number of these players will move into the local hockey association programs for traveling hockey once they build their core skills and confidence. Players at this age group develop quickly if they are in a structured, highly skills-based environment that is also fun.

Sessions will be scheduled on Saturday mornings throughout the winter season. Two teams will share the ice and two teams will share the training center. Two coaches will be instructing the on-ice sessions and two coaches will be instructing the off-ice sessions.

The on-ice sessions will focus on individual skill development, game concepts and 3v3 full ice games.  Some basic game situations will be discussed to help them learn concepts, but at this age the development of core hockey skills are most important. The games played in our arena will promote creativity and being confident with their newly developed skills.

The xHPTF facility is the ultimate hockey training center. Our 25,000 square foot facility has its own ice arena, state-of-the-art hockey skill specific training area, strength and conditioning workout area, and a skating treadmill.

Equipment Players Will Need!

  • Helmet
  • Gloves
  • Shoulder Pads
  • Breezers
  • Elbow Pads
  • Shin Pads
  • Hockey Socks
  • Skates
  • Stick

Pete Talafous

General Manager

Phone: 952-469-2218