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xHPTF Strength Training & Conditioning


xHPTF offers a variety of opportunities for strength training and conditioning through comprehensive programs at an individual setting, small group setting, or team setting.  Our programs are specific to the needs and demands for a hockey player and focus in the major areas of developing energy systems, increasing strength and power, increasing speed and quickness, and injury prevention.

Program Design

Our programs are developed utilizing scientific research and literature conducted by the best strength and conditioning coaches in the world.  This information and training techniques have aided Total Hockey MN strength coaches in developing strong, powerful, and explosive athletes of all ability levels and ranks.  Utilizing assessment and evaluation techniques allow for a more progressive approach to an athlete's strength and conditioning development.  We pride ourselves in developing these programs in the interest of the athlete's success at a high level.

Exercise Safety

We recognize that this day and age of athletes and coaches, a high precedence for strength training is a key factor to playing at a high level.  We also recognize there are physiological factors that can hinder an athlete's development or put them at higher risk for injury.  Our strength coaches hold a high regard for these physiological factors and address such things like muscular and structural imbalances, range of motion deficiencies, and neuromuscular deficiencies.  This allows for athletes to learn proper lifting mechanics and safety, coordination, and how to progress based on their current level of development without being behind the curve.

2019 Intro to Strength Training

Spring and Summer Options

2019 Speed Training Program

2- week options for Spring and Summer

Individual Training

1-on-1 Private Training

Small Group Training

Groups of 2-6

Team Training

Associations or AAA Teams

Adult Strength Training

Men's and Women's Programs

Sport Specific Training

Webpage Coming Soon!

2019 Advanced Strength Training

2-week options for Spring and Summer

Kenton Manhart

Head Strength and Conditioning Coach

Phone: 952-469-2218