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Sports Performance Strength & Conditioning

xHockey Sports Performance Program

xHockey's Sports Performance Program is an athlete enhancement project designed for athletes of all sports. This includes athletes of all sizes and skill levels. Our training regiment will target all characteristics and abilities of a successful athlete. The xHPTF Sports Performance Program will optimize each player’s physical prowess, and bullet-proof their bodies, staving off their risk for injury through flexibility and coordination training, strength and speed training, and endurance training.

Kenton Manhart, who serves as our Head Strength & Conditioning Coach for xHockey, will be leading the program. Kenton brings his experience, knowledge, and passion for coaching to xHockey to help bring out the best in every athlete.

Program Overview

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Note: Athletes can join at any point for a pro-rated amount

Kenton Manhart

Head Strength and Conditioning Coach

Phone: 952-469-2218

Training Schedule

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