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Total Hockey Minnesota Fusion AAA

2018 Fusion AAA Program

If your player is interested in playing on a Fusion AAA team, please contact for more information. There are a few spots available on specific teams.

Fusion AAA

The Total Hockey Fusion AAA offers a professionally developed training program with an appropriate amount of scrimmages, games, and tournaments.  Emphasis is placed on player development and team building.  The Fusion program offers the following for players at most levels:

  • Skill and Game-System based On-Ice training
  • Professionally developed Off-Ice training
  • Small and Full Ice Scrimmage
  • Full Ice Tournaments

Pete Talafous

Director of Fusion AAA Hockey

Phone: 952-469-2218


Our focus is on complete player development! Our Fusion program is all about individual player development in a team environment.  It is called the off-season for a reason. Our goal is to make sure every athlete leaves the off-season a significantly better hockey player.  Practices will cover various areas of the game in order to see the necessary improvements going into the following years association tryouts.


Practices are designed to cover all areas of the game:

  • Skills
  • Hockey IQ and Smarts
  • Game Concepts and Situations

Scrimmages and Tournaments

Games are an important part of development.  Our coaches utilize the games/tournaments to:

  1. Evaluate the individual player's skills, hockey IQ, effort/compete
  2. Teach the team how to play at a championship level (not necessarily win championships)

We believe effort and attitude come first.  They are going to make mistakes, have bad shifts, etc, but if the effort and focus is there, that’s all our coaching staff can ask. We focus on the intangibles and doing the little things as a player.  Team comes first. We want young hockey players to understand the importance of playing as a team, supporting each other on and off the ice, and staying discipline.  They will learn how to play at a championship level, which means - winning 1v1 battles, back-checking, pressuring the puck, puck movement, and being positive on the bench regardless of the score or what happens throughout the game.






  • 03 Fusion - 1st Place Mountain Dew Blast
  • 07 Fusion - 1st Place Mountain Dew Blast - Burnsville
  • 05 Fusion - 2nd Place Mountain Dew Blast
  • U14 Fusion - 1st Place Mountain Dew Blast - Blaine
  • U10 Fusion - 2nd Place Mountain Dew Blast - Blaine