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2019 Small Area Games (SAG) Camps

2019 Small Area Games (SAG) Camp

Description: xHockey’s Small Area Games camp was designed to help teach aspects of the sport in a fun and challenging atmosphere. Our SAG Camps will incorporate many hockey concepts in the form of a game that does not have a pre-determined outcome.  Using small-area games allows the game itself to be the greatest teacher.  One major area of focus will be “hockey sense,” both with and without the puck. Hockey sense is one of the most sought-after traits in our game, where it involves the ability to read the play and react appropriately. Hockey is an instinctive, largely unscripted game, where players are constantly trying to gain time and space in offensive situations and take away time and space on defense. We want players who can think for themselves, adapt and find their own solutions to game-play challenges. This camp will encourage players to learn by doing, while competing in an environment that encourages creativity. This camp will force players out of their comfort zone, where they will be forced to make decisions repeatedly while battling for space in confined areas.  

Dates: JULY 8 - JULY 11
Time: 5:30-6:45 PM- On-Ice
Schedule: Monday thru Thursday
Levels: Squirt/U10 and Peewee/U12

Cost: $135

Online Registration

Pete Talafous


Phone: 952-469-2218