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3-on-3 Hockey

3-on-3 Hockey at xHockeyProducts Training Facility is a fast-paced and exciting hockey experience for all ages.  Players from Mites to Pros prefer the small-area ice surface to build quick decision making skills and get an intense workout!

The Benefits of 3-on-3 Play On The Small Ice Surface:

  • 3-on-3 is a "skills" based game, played in tight spaces at a fast pace. Players quickly improve your "skills" to adapt to this fast pace.
  • Less space = less time = quicker decisions!
  • 3-on-3 hockey increases puck handling; team play; transition from offense to defense / defense to offense; positioning; time on the ice, plus many many more benefits.
  • Goalies are always in the play, more shots, and more movement which helps conditioning, awareness and positioning.
  • Players that are not “goal scorers” get the opportunity to touch the puck more and gain confidence.
  • Players used to playing offense get to play and appreciate the defensive side of the game and defensive players get to be more creative on the offensive side of the game.
  • A great way to get ready for the upcoming season!

But...  The single biggest benefit of 3-on-3 play:

"It is the most fun you will have playing hockey while working hard to improve your overall game!"


Why is xHPTF is the best choice for 3 on 3?

1.       Divisions and placement- We are always striving to make each division as competitive and fair as we possibly can. Spending extra time talking with coaches and teams to make sure they are in the right spot.

2.       Referees and Safety – We look to hire good quality referees for all of our games to ensure your players safety and a great experience while they are at xHPTF.

3.       Organization and Schedule- We work with coaches and teams to keep our league organized when conflicts and issues occur. Also getting our schedule out as soon as possible for your convenience

4.       Coaches Conduct- We do not tolerate any out of control behavior from any coaches, or parents. This includes excessive yelling, poor language, and disrespect toward referees, coaches or players.

5.       Total experience – Last our goal here at xHPTF is working hard to make this a fun enjoyable experience for all parents and players involved.