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Skating Treadmill

Treadmill Under Repair


Total Hockey Minnesota's "RE-ENGINEERED" Skating Treadmill program is a great training option to help develop and strengthen all players' skating dynamics. The Endless Ice treadmill will help players of all skill levels develop the proper skating stride and strength & to maximize their potential. Sessions are 60 minutes in length and are limited to 3 skaters per session (aside from Small Group Sessions). We recommend that skaters attend two sessions per week. For ages 9 years and older.


  • Improve skating stride mechanics
  • Increase power, speed and quickness
  • Increase coordination, strength and balance
  • Maximize stride length
  • Improve speed and mobility while handling puck 
  • Develop solid skating foundation after just a few sessions
  • Multi-Phased Learning enhances development with application

RECOMMENDED EQUIPMENT: Athletic clothing, athletic shoes, skates, stick, helmet, gloves, and water bottle.

  • Just like skating on real ice with your own skates
  • Overhead harness shut off switch for automatic shut off
  • Adjustable safety bars that can accommodate players of all ages
  • State of the art technology incorporating stride analysis lasers
  • Stickhandling/Multi-tasking platforms to incorporate Hockey Skills

Training Packages and Cost

Sessions Cost
1 $40
4 $150
8 $260

Questions or Scheduling

Pete Talafous

General Manager

Phone: 952-469-2218

How to Register and Sign Up

1. Sessions must be scheduled 1 week in advanced. Send email to Pete at or below.

2. Please provide the following information in your email:

  • Dates of your availability
  • Players's Treadmill experience
  • Player's name & age
  • Desired Treadmill plan, i.e. Single Session, 4, or 8 Session Package

3. MUST pay for ALL sessions prior to 1st session!

4. Pete will match the Treadmill requests with the facility schedule, and send you a response email with available opportunities.

NOTE: 50% Cancellation Fee if less than 24 Hours in advance. 'No Shows' will forfeit entire session cost.

Please call the facility (952) 469-2218 or email Pete to cancel.